Central Fantasy

February 22nd – April 13th 2019 


Central Fantasy

The central fantasy makes things coherent.

A     A study showed that people who reported having recovered memories (rather than always having remembered) of being abducted where more prone to inventing false memories. They would have the test subjects memorise a list of words for instance “cookie” and “sugar”. They would then test them again after a period of time and insert associated words that where not previously there like “sweet”. The people with recovered memories of abuse where more likely to report that the new words had been part of the original list.

The speakers can transmit. 
Two to mirror the symmetry of the body
to model a multidimensional space. 

A     I thought it was quite interesting the thing about memory. That people who tend not to remember those things have more fluid memories. So it’s kind of about the way that trauma effects you to have more fluid memories. Maybe it makes your mind more prone to remembering things in a different way as a coping mechanism. You’re more prone to inject things into your memory that aren’t there but that probably also makes you more likely to be able to forget things and more able to reshape your reality. 

B     It must be confusing to them to have all those tests performed on them by aliens and then being tested by humans as well. It’s interesting to think about what the escape is from, wether it is about using the fantasy of alien abduction to escape reality on this earth or the other way around.

The central fantasy of being loved.

A     Its strange the way they describe the scenes because it is like they are being abused but at the same time they see a higher purpose in it. They feel the ufos have chosen them because they are special. I guess it’s a way where if you have been abused you can still embrace something positive about it. It’s a way to not just see themselves as victims.

B     I don’t think it’s just a metaphor for that though, they also talk about secret networks of power which I think is quite a real idea. Like there are kind of networks of power just through culture and religion and stuff like that

The central fantasy of being humiliated. 

A     If you’re the victim of abuse then there is always a power structure and you’re at the bottom of it. You need to be able to define that. You need to be able to define the power and your place in relation to the structure in order to make sense of what has happened to you. You need to define what abuse and what being a victim is, and that’s always about a dynamic. 

Plants purify the air.

A     There is ambiguity built into the abduction stories where it’s all about trying to figure out what the ufos are doing. The abducted people don’t know exactly what is going on but there are all these different narratives about why the aliens are doing it.

B     What are some of the common ones?

Channeling something from some other time and place. Even the slight lag in time due to transmission will be noticeable. 

A     A popular narrative is that it’s about technology transfer. But then there are also ones that have a more spiritual emphasis where its about the spiritual development of earth. I think there are a lot of technological metaphors, that people are being inserted with chips and things like that.

What goes out and what goes in, system input/output.

A     One woman I listened to also thought she had alien DNA and was on earth to deliver a spiritual message and had a special status. 

A     I guess that’s a problem with it, it seems like they are trying to formulate an idea of a power structure but it expands beyond that to deconstructing reality itself. Its like extending the idea of reality quite far it’s almost like looking at it from an animals perspective or something like that. In the sense of the level of understanding in relation to what is happening. Like an animal would be tested by humans for purposes it doesn’t understand. Its constructing a higher power. Its interesting that it all comes from the mind, that the mind can create a higher instance than itself. That is a spiritual thing I guess, to make sense of your situation like that. 

The world is fragmented as much as it is not. 
The sense of coherence comes from the inside out.